IPP Renewable Energy — Cambodia

Cambodia is faced with a serious power shortage. As Cambodia’s development relies heavily on agriculture, and particularly rice production, energy shortages are constraining economic development. Ranked 13th in the world in rice production, Cambodia faces two major problems in increasing production: a lack of quality rice milling operations, and access to affordable, reliable and consistent power.

Incorporated in 2012, Simplon Cambodia Limited (SCL) develops renewable energy projects, and focuses on energy generation using waste biomass. Cambodia has many independent rice mills running on oil, which is both costly and polluting. One of the wastes from the milling process is rice husks, which are predominately being discarded.

SCL intends to install Independent Power Plants (IPP) running on biomass under power purchase agreements (PPA). The biomass power plants will be powered by rice husks and energy will be sold to the Regional Electricity Enterprises (grid). It will bring down local energy costs and promote sustainable economic growth, in particular in the agricultural sector. Recognizing the importance of guaranteeing feedstock supply, SCL has agreements with local rice mills to purchase otherwise discarded rice husks. In addition, SCL has secured land for sustainable forest management, from which biomass energy feedstock and other forestry products can be generated.

Five projects, totaling 24MW of installed capacity, shall be submitted to final due diligence in the near future. Furthermore, all projects are eligible for carbon credits.

World Markets and Simplon Services GmbH have entered into final negotiations on this project in Cambodia.

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