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F.I.T. Timber Ltd. — Brazil

The F.I.T. Group manages native forest and FSC certified Acacia mangium plantations in Roraima, Brazil. Following 12 years of investments, including plantation development and construction of infrastructure to support the plantation, the group is currently undergoing a restructuring process.

IPP Renewable Energy — Cambodia

The IPP Renewable Energy Project comprises the development and management of individual power plants running on biomass in Cambodia. Currently, five projects, totaling 24MW of installed capacity, are being set up. All projects are eligible for carbon credits.

REDD+ Project — Cambodia

Cambodia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world, and is classified as a “high forest cover, high deforestation” country (UN-REDD). Due to the alarming deforestation in the country, and in particular the impact of this on rural livelihoods and on biodiversity, a number of different initiatives and organizations are developing and implementing projects to protect these vital natural resources.

REDD+ Project — Myanmar

Like in Cambodia there is a forest conservation and restoration project set up in Myanmar, covering 180,000 hectares of prime forest. The protected area is home to 5 elephant families that are in great danger as the surrounding forest is being logged.


The REDD+ projects in Cambodia and Myanmar are a great chance to save major rainforest areas. At the same time the projects will allow the issue of carbon credits for the benefit of the company and the local people.


MetaEnergia offers technical consulting, dedicated services and customized proposals for renewable electricity and natural gas supply to families and corporates that are sensitive to environmental issues.

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